Energy Construction, Cheyenne, WY

Energy Construction, Cheyenne, WY

We Put Our Energy Into Making Your House a Home

For a company officially founded in 2015, Energy Construction has been a long time coming. Founded by two good friends who have thirty years of combined industry experience, it was only natural that Nate Dobbin and Colin Hunter combined their energy to create an dynamic home buying experience.

Nate Dobbin: Has constructed over 700 homes in the immediate Cheyenne area. During the housing crash he built 240 houses in Casper and throughout the surrounding area. He has been designing homes since he was 19 years old and has actually designed homes for other builders in the area that are still selling today. He has been a local business owner since 2003 and was born and raised in Cheyenne.

Colin Hunter: He was educated in the construction industry by one of the best builders in the state of Wyoming. He worked locally for several years before becoming a superintendent for a massive contractor where he was responsible for closing over 150 homes annually. This strong background in scheduling and financial responsibility makes him vital in creating affordable custom homes for our customers.

Whether they're constructing a new custom home from the ground up or redefining the meaning of a preexisting space, both Nate and Colin love to work on making houses into homes with their unique structural sensibilities.

As it turns out, the passion of the founders of Energy Construction is to the benefit of your wallet. By working on every project themselves and putting their extensive skills to work, they're able to keep overhead costs down. Also, since they've been friends for so long, they're able to work quickly and efficiently together, meaning you'll have your custom home built from scratch in closer to three months rather than the standard six.